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What is SMM?

SMM, in simple terms, is a whole complex of social media account promotion. If you promote it yourself, you will get tired, and most likely do it wrong, because it turns out to be very difficult!

Here’s why: you need to create a proper profile description to make it easy to understand what kind of account you have and what to use it for, and you need to create a content plan that will contain different categories of posts so that it is in the best interest of your followers NOT to unsubscribe, and you need to know when and what to post, stories are also part of the content plan. The design of the page itself is of particular importance, as it should follow a certain style and color scheme.

If you can somehow manage the above with a little bit of grief, the next point will give you a heart attack when you figure it out – you’ll get a heart attack from how much money you’ve wasted.

The next step is promotion, recruiting subscribers. You need to identify your target audience and find the best ways to advertise so that grandpa Vasya from the village doesn’t subscribe to an elite beauty salon in the capital.😅 And the worst thing that can happen to your account is bots!!! You’re guaranteed a shadow ban, which is like a friend zone.😉 You seem to be there, and you seem not to be there.

So, we come to the logical conclusion that such a responsible business should be entrusted to specialists, because it will be much cheaper and save a lot of nerve cells. No matter how you slice it, social media is a serious thing, bringing a decent profit to a business if done right.

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