Why create a website?

Careful, after reading this you will want a website😛

Why do I need a website? I don’t have money for advertising, I don’t have many clients. Oh, but only big companies make such websites, and they cost a million dollars. I’ll make one on promo or other platforms, if it’s cheaper, or at worst, I’ll start an Instagram page.

That’s just not true.☝🏼
A website performs different functions, but in simple terms, there are, roughly speaking, two of them. Either it sells or it is informational. The type of website is selected for each business individually, according to its needs. The theory is over, now for more interesting things

Instagram mostly helps to build brand awareness, while Promo and other platforms where you can supposedly create your own website are a scam. The site is not yours, and you are not spending money on advertising for yourself, but for the platform. One click and your site is gone.

That is why every private entrepreneur who cares about his business chooses his own domain, hosting and does not worry about the integrity of his site, especially since it is cheaper 😉

A website is, first of all, a company’s image and business card! !☝️ 

A website for business is a kind of online office that stores data and complete information about the company’s activities, products and services. The site introduces the client to your company and correctly conveys why you, and not your competitors, can be trusted! It is here that the client can flip through the catalog with your product or service at any time and see about new products, discounts, promotions or sales! Find out your address, contact number, or route on Google maps.📲

A well-designed website brings a lot of new customers, automates the work of the company and saves time for the owner and employees!📈

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