Guide: "Why does your
business or blog need a chatbot?"

First of all, what is a chatbot❓
A chatbot is a tool🔧, that allows you to automatically respond to people, i.e. potential customers, as soon 🖋️ as they write to us or interact with the page in some way.

It is a chatbot🤖 that will help you automate sales through direct mail, comments, and stories quickly and efficiently.💬

Properly set up communication with the client and be in touch with them 24/7 and even at night.🌛

Now, when the world is unstable, there are power, communication and Internet outages, it’s time to think about a chatbot so that you don’t miss any opportunity to monetize 💰your business as much as possible and not lose a single customer! 🙋

💎 There are actually many advantages, you can create many sales funnels with the help of a bot that will bring results and customers will come back to you on a regular basis, because you will be different from competitors 🥰

The main advantages are as follows:

☑️ Cost savings. Yes, you read that right, because thanks to the chatbot, the need to hire direct managers will become almost irrelevant.

☑️ You will earn even more. The functionality of your store or blog will become interesting and automated, resulting in increased sales of your product or service.

☑️ Difference from the competition. Chatbots are only gaining popularity, so why not take advantage of this opportunity to differentiate yourself from your competitors?

☑️ The message is to give, not to take. With the help of a sales funnel, we will think of personalized offers for customers. The client feels special, because we don’t want to make money out of them, but rather to fill their needs and pain.

☑️ Accuracy and specificity. A person gets everything they need, a quick response to their request without unnecessary information garbage.

Types of chatbots and sales funnels:

💳 Business card chatbot – suitable for info business, helps to familiarize a person with the company, product, service, and prices.
🗂️ Chatbot for increasing the reach and collecting information about the target audience – surveys, tests, games, quizzes. It helps to get to know your audience and create an effective sales funnel based on this information.
🎓 Chatbot for webinars and marathons, including gamification elements. Gamification attracts attention and retains it, increases interest and loyalty, and creates the emotion of a quick purchase.
💌 Chatbot “consulted funnel”. Sales funnel via Direct Insta – sale of goods/products/services/courses/paid marathons/video tutorials/books/consultations/mentoring.

Regarding the latter, namely the “sales funnel”. 🤖 Why is it so valuable and important?

💸The most profitable thing about chatbots is sales funnels! It helps automate the customer journey from a cold, uninterested customer to a person who is eager to buy.

📢 Let’s consider an example of a pet store that had to close due to low sales. The owner, with the last hope, turned to the sales manager for help and he advised him to take all the remaining fish 🐠 to go to school and give them to children for free. At first, the idea seemed ridiculous, but the owner thought about it and decided to do it, since he had nothing to lose. And what do you think happened later? The children, after receiving the fish, realized that they needed an aquarium, food, and all the necessary products to care for them. This way, the owner avoided closing his pet store, because children and their parents started coming in and buying goods.

🌪️ The point of this example is that a properly constructed sales funnel can sell anything to anyone.

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