What is contextual advertising?

This is robbery!

Says someone who hasn’t gotten to know contextual advertising. And you won’t be one of them, because you’re already reading this blog😛

Contextual advertising on Google is the first results for your search query labeled “advertising” and it’s the fastest way to get your site to the top, the only downside is that you’re the first one to pay. Now you’re wondering where the ripoff is, but the money for advertising is charged for each click, the price of which is determined by the auction principle. The highest bidder wins. This is where we mostly hear the phrase written at the beginning of the post.

But!!! First of all, people mostly make a click consciously, and to make that click, they first enter what they need in the search engine. This means that potential customers come to your website. As a bonus, the more people you have, the higher your position in Google’s organic search results (without ads).

And in combination with SEO-promotion, it’s a real gun.🔥 Take all the positions you can😍

The only peculiarities of such advertising are the damned Google algorithms, which are very difficult to make friends with and easy to throw money away, or even have a minus on your card. But this is not your story, because we are here! Thanks to the number of times contextual advertising has been set up through us and the budget that has been spent there🙈 We have a great relationship with Google.

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