Chatbot + Targeted advertising ? 🧐
Joint use of tools

🤖Chatbots are a great way to communicate with your business customers in a timely manner. It is an indispensable tool in the modern world and a great opportunity to sell your services/goods in an original way.

💻Target is the prince of business promotion on Instagram. It is a reliable way to express yourself to the whole world and scale your business.

One can exist without the other and bring results. The active audience of a commercial page interacts with the chatbot perfectly even without ads. Similarly, targeting brings customers who buy from you.

📌But there is one nuance, when TARGET and CHATBOT become faithful colleagues, that is, they cooperate with each other, it gives you a MEGA result that you never dreamed of. Together, these two tools are an EXPLOSIVE mix. 💣 We will set up and help you use them correctly!

Advantages of using a chatbot for targeted advertising

Раніше ми вже обговорили з вами 🗒️What is SMM , 🗒️Which social network to choose and 🗒️Advantages of digital marketing. These articles make it clear what targeted advertising is and what it can be used for. We also discussed 🗒️Why does your business need a chatbot. In this article, we will try to cover the topic of using a chatbot for active targeted advertising.

From our personal experience, we can assure you that a common problem for clients when setting up targeted advertising and making their campaigns successful is that they are not ready to process a large number of requests. You can never tell for sure whether a potential customer has written to you or whether it’s just a simple request for a price quote and that’s it. You need to respond to every request, as well as process orders that have already been placed. There is not enough time, so most or half of the inquiries from potential buyers go unanswered. A chatbot takes care of this work, leaving you to handle only customers who definitely want to buy.

Delegate work to a robot 🤖

“Awww, are you there?”, “How long do I have to wait for your answer?”, “Reply, it’s urgent!!!!”

♦️ Triggered messages that remind you of many situations where you did not immediately respond to the client. Unfortunately, in today’s time, a person is ready to wait for a response to their message for no more than 15 minutes. If they wait longer, they get annoyed, the level of trust drops, and they even want to turn to your competitors.

How do you feel? You work all day, sometimes without lunch. You try to put your heart and soul into your work and get such feedback from your customers. 🥲

The solution is simple, pray to the universe and ask for 34 hours in a day, not 24. Then you will be 100% on time. 👌🏼

🖇️ Believe it? Seriously, it wouldn’t have helped. The solution in this situation is a chatbot, a modern method of answering the client instantly or calming them down and gently explaining that you are working at the moment and will respond in the next 60-90 minutes. An even better option is to delegate the work of communicating with the customer. A chatbot can answer the most frequently asked questions, such as product price, delivery, working hours, and so on.

Why is a chatbot the perfect employee for your business? 💼

People work, get used to the job, burn out and quit. This is how the flow of personnel is formed, managers are constantly changing, who need to be re-trained in all work processes, and so on. 🔄

A chatbot is an assistant for all times, because once you set it up on your page, it works like clockwork ⏰.
🔹Here are a few advantages of the bot:
– it works strictly according to a given algorithm;
– it does not get tired
– does not burn out;
– you need to pay much less.

And most importantly, it will not leave you at some crucial moment, but will only improve and improve your sales 💸

Our team will determine the funnels and set everything up correctly, according to the peculiarities of your business.

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